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#130012 Posted at 2012-09-21 06:18        
Hey Fuiba, I gave each of your missions a quick try to test them and about half of them do not load (just go back to the mission selection screen). Note that I tested 2.0 version of your pack. Please see our mission list for all the details (click the ACE Missions tab at the bottom). In addition to the missions that do not load, the mission "Lucifer" doesn't show notes or tasks.
The missions were tested on the Comrades in Arms ACE coop Windows dedicated server.
Apart from that, the missions that do work seem very appealing! We are looking forward to playing them. It seems they are structured as a campaign, do they have any particular order? I would rather play them in the right order, if there is one!
Thank you very much for this pack, much appreciated!

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