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But not too futuristic.
We are in the year 2035.

Um...considering that virtually everything I listed already exists today, some in very large numbers, I would say that "the future is now."

And that's not my opinion.

It's fact.

The more fictional aspects that I proposed, such as having a limited range on how far remotely controlled vehicles can be from their controllers, is there because if one were to logically extrapolate the equipment that exists today, and then advance it, doubling capabilities many times within 23 years, then those who control such equipment will be virtually unstoppable.

How "fun" is it to play against an enemy that is so overwhelmingly powerful? Not very.

The flip-side of this is also true. I certainly don't want to play a game where the equipment I use makes me a god. That wouldn't be interesting, nor would it be fun.

Thus I also proposed a fictional reason for why body armor might be already "useless," or could become "useless," or could become important, during the course of the campaign. Things become more interesting, on a multitude of levels, when believable vulnerabilities are introduced, and explored in a meaningful way.

The two largest tank producers in Hitler's Germany were Opel, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors (controlled by the J.P. Morgan firm), and the Ford A. G. subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company of Detroit.

~From Antony Sutton's magnum opus Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

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