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Well sure, much appreciated! I actually tested it as single player but I suppose there's not much I can do since the scripting commands are the same in MP and SP. But I'm sure we could give it a shot!

I think I just found the problem! The "(join group player)" does not work in multiplayer. It actually makes sense since the "players" can be different groups in MP. Fixed that in Op. Soter Avidus and two other missions. Expect an update soon!

New missions in 2.70:

25. Operation Frangentur (co05)
Shoot down UAVs during an USMC training exercise. You have an Ural truck with ZU-23-2 at your disposal.

26. Operation Hic Sunt Dracones (co05)
Destroy coastal defences at skerry Drakon. Night mission.

27. Operation Sinister Et Dexter (co05)
Defend an exposed forward observation base at Altar hill. Night mission.

I've added mission overviews for all the missions in the first post.

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