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#130626 Posted at 2012-10-01 18:33        
As Fox said a dedicated server is a lot of work especially with Arma. If you've never administered a Windows server before OR never setup an Arma server then go with slot server.

For your slotted server, you will need to upload any ACE or other mod updates using FTP from your computer. The game company MAY have mods already available but most don't which means (for ACE) you have a lot of uploading to do.

Usually you can get a TS3 server through the same provider for cheap. Be advised if you are using ACRE and teamspeak you may have to get the provider to change a few settings in Teamspeak if you have > 12-15 players connected... can't remember the setting at the moment but it controls the rate at which TS will accept input.. the default setting and ACRE don't work well together (lots of clients muting/unmuting, etc at the same time).

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