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My first multiplayer map, almost completed. itfeatures great PVP capabilities, beautiful lifelike scenery in most accessable areas, and a lil project ill be working on for a spinoff of the BF2142 titans.

Kamere is a more tropical island with more leaves and stems then cubic inch. It is a small map, only holding one sqare mile of landspace, yet has so much in it that i had to nerf it a lil to allow me to run smoothly. most of the inhabitable spaces are either inhabeted by people or bushes and those who like more shooter games will have a liking towards it.

As for the mod itself, im just finalizing textures and stuff to make it look good. it is nowhere near the finished stage, but it isnt incomplete either. the first release will come with 4 new weapons with different attatchments and stuff, 2 factions, NARA and the EDF, and a few of my favourite vehicles. Kamere will also be included in v1.00, along with a few MP missions for the Servers.

Things i plan to work on afterwards will be the NARA version of the Humvee, replacing the EDF humvee with the french car, and Creating the SAL (faction) with suited vehicles. i will also probably get 5 or 6 new small maps in there as well before releasing the large Eltroslovakia map.

anyways, have fun looking at the aproximate borders for Eltroslovalkia, and I hope you enjoy the mods first appearence. :-)

Map of Eltroslovalkia is too big for the armaholic forums so click this link:

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