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#131944 Posted at 2012-10-28 04:56        
# mathias_eichinger : Hey EMOD,

could you try this without any AI mods? What you describe is unsettling, because it neither happened to me nor to anybody beta testing this on OFPEC. Your reply would be much appreciated.


Here's the mods I run (I tried to trim out islands)

@CBA (inlc OA, A2)
@Bastore Visuals V1.2

Which would you suggest I disable? I have found out that we're shot down. You start in the chopper, it makes a turn away from the island as 2 jets go in, and a missile from the island hits the chopper and we go in.



I must be a simple Marine Rifleman at heart because all I ask from any Arma mission is a long rifle and a red-dot to guide her by...