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#132837 Posted at 2012-11-18 08:17        
We have finally completed Operation Manus Dei!

and the mission was completed after so many attempts :)

Few issues were observed. However none had impact on the mission flow.

1. Only the leader saw the message "we were detected! Let's finish this fast".
2. We got the confirmation message and the objective completed green check-box about the reported being killed long after we actually shot him.
3. On a previous attempt, we believe the reporter got killed not from our fire, when he was on the way to the airplane. Maybe the chopper's back rotor indeed...

We moved forward to episode 9 - Ira Iovis which played smoothly up to the extraction part. The chopper didn't land, just kept buzzing the LZ back and forth.

A side question - where can we find translation for your mission names? It's Latin, right?
Thanks again for your work, these are some great missions.