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Hi Variable and thanks again for feedback! I'm glad you guys liked the missions and it's especially informative that you descripe the way you played the mission. I do some testing on my own but extensively testing everything just takes too much time.

I agree that some of the triggers activate way too slowly and I'm going to check them all for the next patch. The problems with choppers not landing is something I've encountered in almost all of my missions and I'm not sure what's causing it. Sometimes the choppers just don't land and next time everything goes smoothly :)

I've tried selecting the mission names so that they tell something about the mission or the story so far. As for Latin goes there are multiple meanings but here's what I've intended:

01. Coeptus = Beginning
02. Soter Avidus = Greedy Savior
03. Augescimus = We Grow Strong
04. Umbrae = Shadows
05. Aversus = Hostile
06. Abyssus Invocat = Abyss Calls
07. Merces Letifer = Deadly Trade
08. Manus Dei = Hand of God
09. Ira Iovis = Jupiter's Wrath
10. Somnia Aestatis = Summer Dreams
11. Neco Ergo Emereo = I Kill Therefore I Earn
12. Terminum Salvate = Save Terminus
13. Axis Mundi = Axis of the World
14. Fultus = Supported
15. Erga Omnes = Against All
16. Fistulae Panos = Pipes of Pan
17. Leviathan Subridet = Leviathan Smiles
18. Lucifer = Light Bringing
19. Caedes Et Instructus = Slaughter and Apparatus
20. Regnum Aeternum = Eternal Kingdom
21. Ebulus = Danewort
22. Iconoclastae = Iconoclasts
23. De Immortalibus = Of Immortals
24. Trivium = Three Ways (also the first group of seven liberal arts)
25. Frangentur = They Will Shatter
26. Hic Sunt Dracones = Here Are Dragons
27. Sinister Et Dexter = Left and Right
28. Erratum Millesimum = 1 000th Error
29. Sanabilis = Curable
30. Corona Martyris = Martyr's Crown

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