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#133722 Posted at 2012-12-10 17:19        
A new version is out, check out now.

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# Elena : "Harris from the Press" is a guy you can find as Pressharris in the Editor. So you objective is, to rescue a Press guy and a Functionary, which are held hostage by some evil guys in the Villa. I'm currently testing the mission out and i can tell you more later. But i do agree, sasHmam, if you release a Mission it would be cool if you could add a bit of a description to it, so you might get more dl's and all.

Naja Geiselbefreiung halt ne, aber mein Englisch ist auch nicht so gut das ich jetzt großartig eine Geschichten dazu schreiben kann.
Wenn du magst, kannst du dir ja was einfallen lassen, würde es dann vielleicht in das nächste update mit einbauen.

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