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#133815 Posted at 2012-12-13 04:48        
Like the title says are there any other female ARMA or gaming gals out there?

A little about myself I'm a married 28yo mother of 2 kids a son and daughter we live in Tokyo Japan. I work as a motorcycle police officer here in Tokyo. I also use to be a member of our motorcycle demo squad "The Queen Stars" Hence why I'm wearing a red uniform in my avatar normally we wear black/blues like the LAPD with gear and body armor etc. Btw just realized Im probably the only one who has a real pic of themselves for their avatar. Oh well no biggie you can hardly see my face. ;-)

I've been a gaming girl since I was a kid. Ive played quake and outlaws online in fact that's how I met my hubby, during a gaming tournament. He's now a Physician. We had kids way too young(15)my oldest is my daughter who is 13, my son is 7. We are a total gaming (4 high powered gaming only PC's and 4 work/school laptops or pc's)family whenever we have the time we game together.

We all love ARMA the most and we all cant' wait for ARMA III. LOL! Nothing beats having your whole family playing as a tank crew. I can speak and write English fluently as I went to high school in southern California also got a degree from UCLA I lived with my US relatives in very nice hill top community called Rancho Palos Verdes my uncle and aunt are also in the medical field. But I loved the US and had great times while there. But man LA is so crowded! Like Tokyo in fact.

So anyways if your a ARMA or gaming girl give me a shout out tell me a little about yourself and or just to say howdy! :-D

Lastly please no sexist comments ok guys. But you can stop in and say hello as we all have a shared interest.

Sorry for the longish post. Hope to hear from some of you! 8-)

Police woman by day Wife, Mother and serious gamer at night 8-) . Husband suggested my game name as Zipgun so no one would know I was a girl. Tho more importantly when I was a teen I used a more female name? Only got derogatory or sexist comments when playing games. I just got sick and disgusted of it.