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#133951 Posted at 2012-12-17 06:32        
Sorry i haven't responded in a while. life gets to all sorts of people i guess *DONT_KNOW*

I have uploaded a youtube video, dong know how to get it on to forums, but here is a Link for all who is interested.

this is supposed to be a cutscene to the island Kamere, which is still in BETA phase, but is still quite enjoyable.

the starcruiser in the back will eventually be enterable, and may even have full a module to give it full potential in the future. the idea it has is to be like the Titans in BF2142, yet still be used for other things such as being a strategic base for any domination game. It consists of a flight deck, briefing room, and a cargo bay so far, but only the flight deck is enterable at the moment.

i hope this interests you for the amount of time i left it for

- CTF_Arora

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