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In-game name: Zipgun

#133974 Posted at 2012-12-17 17:26        
# DarkXess : Hey Sachiko, this isnt really advertising so ive moved it to the correct place "chit chat". :-)

I just want to say, your family sounds cool, I would love my mother father and sisters etc to all be
gamers and we get together now and again to play co-op games etc like your family do, I envy you.

Anyways good luck on finding any other girls out there that play ArmA, I have seen 1 or 2 other around
the forums, hopefully they will come and join the chat :-)

Sorry but was just following Foxhounds recommendation ;-)
"2012-08-02 15:22 Posted by Foxhound

Really nice to see a whole family playing the Arma series! There are some other female players but not that many as far as I know. *THUMBS UP*
Try the sticky thread in the advertising section."

I probably misread Mr.Fox's post. Anyways thanks for the fix. Thanks for the help and for the kind words. Yes very lucky our kids share in our gaming etc. We sadly don't get to play a whole lot maybe a few times a week as I'm a LEO and my husband is Physician. Glad to know there a some females on here.

Thanks again for the reply and have a happy holiday season.

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# Elena : Ohai, Konnichiwa Sachiko :)

Aaaaand yep, thats about the only word i know in Japanese.

19 y/o, from germany, working in the Armed Service Branch of the Navy ('Deutsche Marine').
Loving ArmA & similar games whenever i got time to play. Also, you ain't the only one with a real picture of you in the Avatar ;P

Kon'nichiwa! Elena nice to meet you. Btw its acually "Ohayo gozaimasu" it's an informal good morning. I know there are some of us but glad to hear from one. So you're in the Navy eh cool! We are longtime friends with a couple that are also in the Bundeswehr. Yes Ive noticed that as well, most of the time only us gals post real pics. Guess were braver eh hehe. 8-) Yup I hear on playing time being a police officer and my hubby a doctor, even our kids with school and such game time gets shorter and shorter.

Guten tag und forhe feiertage!

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Police woman by day Wife, Mother and serious gamer at night 8-) . Husband suggested my game name as Zipgun so no one would know I was a girl. Tho more importantly when I was a teen I used a more female name? Only got derogatory or sexist comments when playing games. I just got sick and disgusted of it.