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I have decided to learn some mission making, this is my first ever mission so it will suck :)
Nothing much special in it, its a assault type mission.

Operation Undershaft


Operation Undershaft is first North Korean attack on Utes, however this is "Russian" peacekeeping, North Korea agreed to join Russia in peacekeeping operation in Chernarus region, its first attack was Utes.
Six North Korean Special Forces Operatives are transported on the shores of Utes on 0640 hours, harsh weather, high wind and rain, their objective is to clear out "Strelka" closest village by the drop zone and then proceed to clear out enemy barracks, however reinforcements might be send to Strelka from barracks. There is a positive intel from NDC (National Defense Commission) that there are two ammo caches in the village and barracks, NKSF operatives are told to destroy it.

There are civilian's present so watch your fire, be advised of the reinforcement, it might come or might not and we do not know what it is but we are sure it is nothing big, after your mission is completed move out to the airport, it is marked on your map, PLEASE DO follow the markers on the map just as they say or else the mission wont really work, its my first time making a mission so this was my first shot so I did something very easy

NKSF Operatives are equipped with silenced guns, grenades, smoke grenades and satchels charges.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


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