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#136205 Posted at 2013-02-02 10:24        
# DarkXess : I like it, reminds me much of the ENB mods for other games, specially with the injector settings.
lol - there should also be a warning for low end computers that this could actually damage your computer
with over heating! honestly.

Some feedback: I think its a little dark right now, I get that feeling of the game always being smokey
with a dark effect on the screen, and please do if you can remove the black shadow effect around the side
and corners of the screen, or have it as an option?

Another thing is, I take it this effect FPS? and is there any known issues with such mods as Blastcore?

Whats with the name "SWAG" too? lol... funny name for such a mod, I would say ENB itself suits it :-D

Apart from that, great release! thank you very much :-)

Overheating? I've used both SweetFX and ENB on various games and never experienced, or heard of other people experiencing, overheating. At most you'll loose a few fps.

One of the advantages of SweetFX is that everything is easily configurable in the SweetFX settings config. Just open it with notepad and change what you want, e.g. don't like the vignette effect? Then modify it by changing the 1 to 0 in the following line:

#define USE_VIGNETTE 1 // [0 or 1] Vignette : Darkens the edges of the image to make it look more like it was shot with a camera lens.

As for the name, well I don't know why it's called SWAG, but it certainly shouldn't be called ENB because this mod doesn't use ENB, it uses SweetFX.

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