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Mad House


It is cold and dark morning. You will be dropped inside enemy territory. Try to surprise the enemy, even if you know that, enemies are listening to our frequency - we cant use radios as we please. Your first objective will be to defend the HQ.Air defence is completely in your hands.You and your team must defend the base on the island.

This is temporary solution for this invasion. And you must complete all the other objectives. Five heroes will fight and guide others in hostile island against powerful enemy, to unlock and finish all objectives. After first task is complete you should extend your safe perimeter to north.Clear Kamenyy,destroy artillery camp and antenna.Nearby,to the east is a camp where you will go next.

After that, would be nice to go to the extreme east and north part of the island will be under our control. Then proceed to central camp(marker is there). And then is time to liberate airport-again(we liberate it together for captain Mrewo-if you remember). If you didn't hear about this mission, search for "Liberate captain Mrewo" mission at Armaholic forums.Civilian vehicles will help you make objectives. Do NOT destroy or drive them until you are sure the northern side of island is completely under our control! You will be told if something is going to change. Remember;this is war zone not a summer camp! Forget about television and internet. We will eat fast and aware-we are in hostile territory now. This mission is not for rookies. Only well trained soldiers can survive this difficult cover operation. There is no safe zone, unless you clear the place. Follow your leader and you should be safe.

At the beginning you can only walk and you will unlock vehicles doing and completing the objectives. Follow the attack team and help them maintaining safe territory and doing objectives. Once airport is secure, there is one objective for each group(6 more sub-objectives). Complete them and you will be almost free to go everywhere. You can destroy all enemy AAs-most of them are located in the central south area of island or fight your way out from west part, toward center and south. Also main road from airport is compromised according to our informations.It is NOT allowed to cheat/hax or team kill! Now you know everything. Good luck and have fun!

  • New ArmA experience (i hope)
  • Unlimited will never play the same mission(objectives will be the same,but other things change)
  • Custom vehicles...nobody will steal your vehicle again(just change -add your name and you will have your tank just for you)
  • Custom weapons...choose your favorite weapon...many weapons to choose from
  • Save and load...if you dont have time today,...tommorow is another day
  • Single player compatible...It would be extremly difficult,but not impossible
  • Instant action...No more waiting...15 seconds respawn
  • 10 objectives...or more...i cant tell you everything
  • Many vehicles to have fun and learn to use them
  • Unlimited lifes
  • New base-build by me
  • Support will arrive more than once....and many more features all to discover.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder for singleplayer.
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

    You entered war zone! Find cover and use scoped weapons(my suggestion). This is hard training for those who want to learn play ArmA and other first person shooting games. You will need accurate aim and calm hand to finish this mission.NOT for beginners.

    If you are a hero try to play it without night vision and using first person view at all times and with original settings at 4:45 am and variable fog.

    Credits & thanks:
    ArmA 2 - GREAT platform.
    Armaholic forums,BI forums...for everything
    Deadfast,Murphe,IndeedPete,F2kSel,ArMaTeC,Myke,Giallustio,RAV_RAVEN,kylania,SpectrumWarrior, norrin and few more (i dont remember),but the name is in the scripts-i dont change the author.
    All honest players,you give me hope...all anticheat supporters at any level and in any phase of game and in any action possible against cheating,haxing ,....

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