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#138037 Posted at 2013-03-05 17:10        
Hello guys, yet to find a video thread for media. I thought I'd start it!
Basically only Arma 3 footage here, what you've gathered from the game, keep it to the game. I've recently uploaded 3 part series of the showcases in Alpha.

Keep it to posting videos! :)

The footage you see above is another video of the clan playing Arma 3. It's a lovely experience to have these good moments in gaming. Arma 3 has been a blast for the first day, almost nothing would beat it! Except the full-game! The graphics and feel to the game is insane, I advice everyone to play the game!

Go Armaholic Community, spread your beauty!

To link your youtube video, use the following. First extract your video link from either the share option or through the address bar. Here's my video for example

Now what I need from that link is whatever is behind .be/ so in this case "UbYgeAJbfy8". Now if you want to link your video just write [youtube="yourlink"].

My message now looks like [Youtube=''UbYgeAJbf78'']: Obviously with real quotes marks :)

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