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#138357 Posted at 2013-03-07 05:41        
# sudden : Hello, everybody!

When I got Arma3, I just missed Russians very much! ;-))) So I would like to present a small addon of a Russian soldier armed with an AK-107. The work is to be continued of course... I'm working on a futuristic version of AK, so stay tuned! :-))

You will find it the editor under Independent -> Russian.
Classes listed in the readme.txt file.

Download Addon (~45Mb)

Dude, you need to publish this to the 'downloads' section of this site so more people can see it!

Also, a few bugs. First off, attachments don't work. If you put an attachment on, it doesn't show up on your weapon, and doesn't work properly either. Thankfully this is easily remedied, reference here. Secondly, the unit's base clothing seems to be based on the model, ala Arma 2, instead of having the clothes as it's own item. I'm sure it's not easy but it would be cool to have the clothes be the actual clothes item somewhere down the line. Regardless, great mod, love the irons!

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