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#138377 Posted at 2013-03-07 09:19        
wow.. that's cool.. so the helmet in your .p3d file how did you know what to redefine it to? just to the name selection called "head" ? Is there any documentation about arma3 gear somewhere yet in terms of how to set up the .p3d, and how to add it into a config.cpp?

I was having a play with making units and saw that if I removed items from "linkedItems" (like the helmet) it would strip it out. But the "linkedItems" helmet is just called "h_HelmetB" so it must be calling from a class somewhere. Is that how you're doing it? Making a class called "headGearItem" and then in that class the model line is model = your_p3d ( the CG634 )?

I think I understand the process but I'm just unsure of what selection name to "redefine" something like a helmet or goggles to except to make a guess that it's like in arma2 .. "head"

anyways great work .. sorry for the wall of text.