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#139899 Posted at 2013-03-16 18:34        
Another WIP - definitely needs game-testing from all aspects.



[18/03/13] updated with cool and appropriate flags : -)

[26/03/13] updated with revised Landing Craft Waypoints, Fighter escort for the Ju52's and also massively reinforced Airfield : -)
**[26/03/13]~More playable Units -
[27/03/13] updated with Self-Heal and First Aid Modules
[06/04/13] .pbo link removed for editing ~ waypoint's for Ju52 and Assault Boats not responding
[23/04/13] updated - but still draining CPU - version without seaborne invasion underway...
[26/04/13] updated ~ still draining CPU - more revisions to come...
[14/11/13] updated ~ persistently accurate parachutist's landing so close to the Station Commander as to capture and secure the Mission ~ fixed

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