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#141715 Posted at 2013-04-02 15:58        
Hi everyone, I need help with an objective trigger I want so set up.

First of all, I apologise for any grammatical mistakes I make, I'm from Germany so I'm allowed to :P

I'm pretty much a noob with coding in ArmA 2 (I "discovered" the editor like 4 days ago lol), which is why I signed up to this forum today :)

Ok, before I explain my problem to you I'm going to describe my mission so you know what I want for my triggers.
In the beginning the Blufor troops arrive at the shore with boads, BRDMs and helis. The player squad gets out of either a boad or a heli (can't decide lol) and it approaches the enemy base as an infantry group. The objective is to fight the hostiles and move to the Scud Nuke Launch Truck Thing (that's what I call it^^) which is inside the enemy base. As soon as the player gets visual on the truck, he has to call an A-10 via Radio and mark the truck with his laser designator to blow up base and truck at the same time (the laser marker is not the problem, I know how to add it to the player). When the truck is destroyed I want the mission to end, which is the easy part. The problem is that I want the truck to launch the missile about 10 minutes after the mission starts. The launch of the nuke should cause the mission to fail.

Now how can I do that? :D Thanks for your help!


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