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#141739 Posted at 2013-04-02 20:04        
# XpicGamerZ : Ok these are the simple steps

______________________________________ arma 2 editor
3.choose a map
4.look in middle right it will say units triggers ect.
5.look for waypoint
6.go back to units & place a unit
7.go back to waypoints on that unit once and where u want them to go Type=move don't change anything here ok & preview & u will see the waypoint and u can change this in select type box just select Wat unit u want to do it

I know how to place a waypoint and make a unit move... I think you did not understand what my problem is with the objective I want to create.
As it said in my first post:
"The problem is that I want the truck to launch the missile about 10 minutes after the mission starts. The launch of the nuke should cause the mission to fail."

Do you know what codes I'll have to put in the triggers so that the mission fails after 10 minutes because the truck launched the Scud?


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