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#141759 Posted at 2013-04-02 22:02        
# XpicGamerZ : Look it up with YouTube I don't think ai can
And thairs no timer

Ok I found something I believe.
You CAN make the Scud launch somehow, just take a look here.
Unfortunately I do not know where to put these codes. Is it just a code for the "On Act" box of a trigger? And what would be the Condition then?

And it seems like they could help this guy who had the exact same problem as I do at the moment. But they don't mention WHERE to put the codes from the first link, or am I just too dumb to find it? xP

However I still don't know how to time the trigger (or whatever launches the actual missile).

Can't anyone help me? Where are all the ArmA 2 Coding and Scripting experts? :D
I won't be able to sleep tonight if I don't find a solution lol.

Give me yo FUCKIN beans n' shit!