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#142036 Posted at 2013-04-05 21:32        
There is a link to another thread there where you can find the following:

This is for those who never had a Scud launcher in their game (or forgot how to operate them in scripts). :p
Erect the missile:
scud1 action ["scudLaunch",scud1]
Launch the missile:
scud1 action ["scudStart",scud1]
Launch is canceled:
scud1 action ["scudCancel",scud1]

scud1 is the name of the vehicle.

It takes approx. 10 seconds to erect the missile completely.

You can check the status of the Scud with the scudState command:
[INDENT] 0 - No activity
1 - Launch preparation
2 - Launch prepared
3 - Ignition
4 - Launched[/INDENT]

You can add this:
scud1 action ["scudLaunch",scud1]
to the init of the vehicle, or in the onactivation of a trigger. Or you can write a script with all that.