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#142161 Posted at 2013-04-07 17:14        
Thanks guys! :D
This looks like it could really work!

Unfortunately I'm not at home atm so I will only be able to try it tomorrow evening.
I'll let you know if it worked though.

I really appreciate your help :)


EDIT: And there would probably be another problem even If all this works. The truck is an enemy unit so all friendly units would try to destroy it if they were close, right?. For example I have three AH-10 choppers flying around and if one spots the base too early it will probably destroy the Scud truck.
The thing is I only want the objective to be completed by the player, so that he has to mark the target with his Laser Designator and then call the A-10 via Radio.

Is there any way to tell the friendly units NOT to touch the Scud truck at all and leave it to the player? (besides the A-10)
It would really suck if you start the mission and it ends after like 2 minutes because one of the helicopters flew over it and blew it up.

Added 7 hours 50 minutes later:

Okay I tried it out but the time == 600 thing seems not to work.
When I put "scud1 action ["scudSart",scud1]" in the Init of the vehicle it works, as soon as I spawn in the game the truck is launching the missile.
Somehow it's not working with triggers.
This is what I had for my triggers:
Trigger 1
Condition: time == 600
On Act: scud1 action ["scudLaunch",scud1]
Trigger 2
Condition: time == 620
On Act: scud1 action ["scudStart",scud1]
Trigger 3
Condition: time == 630
On Act: forceEnd

None of them will work, I have tried to set Condition to "this" and put the 600 in the three Countdown boxes (Min, Mid, Max) which didn't work either.
Even if I leave the time and just put "scud1 action ["scudLaunch",scud1]" in the On Act. box it won't work. It only works in the Init field of the actual vehicle.
Any idea why?
And I still have the problem I described above.

Ugh, if I could just be capable of scripting :D

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