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#1423 Posted at 2006-12-20 16:34        
The poll is now running some time and I think the results are already looking very good :)

I am set for next few years, 100% ok -------- 54.5% (42)
I like it a lot, 75% ok. -------------------------- 29.9% (23)
Its ok, 50% ok ----------------------------------- 5.2% (4)
To much bugs, will come back, 25% ok ------- 9.1% (7)
Crap, seen it and deleted it, 0% ok ------------ 1.3% (1)

Although you may read and see lots of bugs it already seems to me people are very positive about the potential this game has.
The poll will run till end of this month........and thus end of this year!!!
If you want to vote make sure to do so, and if you like leave some feedback here :)