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#145670 Posted at 2013-06-18 02:29        
# Skippy : I recommend that you take a look here
As mentioned earlier, try to use "set" in order to add elements to an array instead of "+".
And change this
For (_i = -1; _i < 11; _i + 1;)
to this :
for "_i" from -1 to 11 step 1 do {

Ok, I'll read up on the "set" to see what the differnce is. As for my for loop, I know c and c++ so its natural for me to use script that is similar but if it causes performance issues i'll break that habbit. Ive used mine in the past and peinted the outcome to the rpt to see that it does work. Thanks for all the help, ill try your method tomorrow when I can. I did notice what I thought of today was similar to your last. I didnt see the 2 different arrays when I first looked at it
Just read that link. Thanks it is very helpfull, guess if im going to learn something I should learn the right way.
But with that for loop does it change _i from -1 to 0 before it runs through the first time and does it run atleast once even if the condition is already false like for loops in c++? For exsample if _i was already 12 it would still run it once

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