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#146495 Posted at 2013-06-30 16:50        
It's a bit of a long story here, but I'm trying to find a mission I played with friends a long time ago. I've been through the entire arma II OA and arma II mission downloads twice (which is where i recall we got the mission the first time. The only thing I can think of to do is to ask if anyone here remembers it.

You start out in a static C130j over some desert. I THINK it was takistan, but cannot remember for sure. You paradrop from the plane after taking gear, then land near an oilfield and take out 3 heavy guns, or possibly AA batteries. Then you assault an airfield 1-2km away, with a bunch of BMRs and light armor, maybe a tank or two. You must blow up the hangers with satchel charges. Later on you assault a town in order to kill a general or VIP near a crashed chopper. I know the medic had a mobile respawn point, and there was a lives system. Beyond that. I can;t remember with enough detail for it to matter.

Any help I can get finding this mission would make me very happy. Thanks in advance!

(sorry for the bad first post)