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#147580 Posted at 2013-07-13 23:27        
A while back i released a Trailer Music Addon
it had 50 pieces of my music and 1 sound effect (i plan to add more environments and sfx to TheWraithScoresFX1)

With a lot going on at the moment ive not had any opportunity to work on that addon and as it sits around 70mb ive left it alone until i deal with the sfx and the environments and decided to release TheWraithScoresFX2 to get more music out their.

TheWraithScoresFX2 contains 61 pieces of music, a varied mix of my work (i was number one composer globally for about 3 months on reverbnation with zero funding put into it) but you can be the judge of the music your self.
Some of its arrangements and a lot of its just real time improvisations. If you liked the OFP music some of this you'll love to

any ways you can get TheWraithScoresFX1 Here

and TheWraithScoresFX2 Here

Note they work in ARMA 2, and Arma, they also work in OFP/CWA, because these are just audio addons they appear to work fine in all of the games and all of the expansions, they are not signed and the pbo's use no compression

To preview some of the included music, search my blog for "TheWraithScoresFX" and it'll show both topics with previews for both addons :)

Im not much of an active user, just registered to post my addons for you folks