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#1490 Posted at 2006-12-27 00:28        
I have a very weird problem.
A simple script saying hello doesnt work in MP
I am really sitting here with my mouth open banging my head.
Maybe if someone can explain whats going on?

trigger activation: radio Alpha
trigger onactivation: [] exec "hello.sqs"; hint "trigger is activated"

player sidechat "hello!"

As soon as I use radio channel alpha nothing happens...........but in the preview of the editor it works.
I do know the trigger is activated cause the "hint" I added to the trigger onactivation does show......its just the script which wont execute.

I know my way with scripting in VBS.........but I am really looking like a dumbass right now.
I am not the only one with this problem. I have asked in the BI forums but it seems this question is to stupid to be answered.......but without me knowing how to execute a script in MP I dont think many missions will leave me comp here :(
Since its a trigger its activated global (all clients), but I am so desperate I even add scripts to execute on server only etc etc........but nothing, really nothing.
Not on a dedicated and not on my own local hosted game.

Did I drink to much last few days or what? Anyone?

Problem solved thanks to Manday in the BI forums!

It seems the VBS makepbo prog I used was set to pack sqs files, and arma cant read packed sqs files.
Do I feel stupid h

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