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#149163 Posted at 2013-08-05 20:23        

GLT Mod Update to 1.09
The R3F Weapons Pack is a requirement for this mod now!

GLT Core
  • update to VAS 1.6
  • new function GLT_fnc_Marker
  • texture path to USA flag fixed

GLT Missions Stratis
  • all missions: compatibility to ArmA 3 Beta 0.74 established
  • many bugfixes in the missions
  • GLT 02: Take Girna (UH-80 and Comanche Support is available)
  • GLT 03: Airstation Mike (UH-80 Support is available)
  • new mission: GLT 14: Operation Olympus

  • author attribut has been added

I'm sorry for the huge delay, but in order to fix all the undeclared variable issues I had to learn some new things first. There might be still an issue with the function BIS_fnc_endMission caused an error but it's up to BIS to fix this. Many thanks to BTK/sxp2high for his help.

At least there is a new mission included - Operation Olympus. Let's conquer Camp Rogain!

Here's a list of the currently available amount of content:
Air - 17
Backpacks - 4
Basecaps - 14
Boxes - 2
Clothes - 2
Flags - 1
Hats - 2
Helmets - 3
Infantry - 69
Inventory Items - 1
Missions - 14
Other - 1
Poloshirts - 18
Uniforms - 5
Wheeled - 9

The download link in the 1st post of this thread has been updated!

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