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#149713 Posted at 2013-08-13 20:36        
Hi there.
I've been doing some work recently making an interface to go with a breaching for Arma.

3D Explosives Interface


It allows you to pickup, move around, throw, place, drop, and stick to walls and objects various explosives in Arma 3.
This allows for carrying or re-throwing Chemlights, adjustiing the position of that stupidly placed Claymore, Attaching the C4 to a wall or a satchel to a car making a nice and easy car bomb.

This kind of functionality makes the endless fidgeting with the action menu entirely unneccessary.

sadly it's still SP at the moment due to a few locality kinks to work out. soon though, it will be a multiplayer feature.

place "explosive_interface.sqf", "all_use_interface.sqf" and functions folder into your mission folder.

nul = [] execVM "all_use_interface.sqf";
to run the script for all player controller character. This will suit JIP when it becomes MP but it allows switching to transfer functionality in SP just now.
nul = [_unitName] execVM "explosive_interface.sqf";
in the init of the unit you would like to use it.

place explosive.
look at it and the option should appear to move it in the center of the screen and in the action menu.
Press "use selected action" key (not to be confused with or double mapped with "use Default action")
use action and have fun running around with it.

The first time you pick up a grenade and an explosive a message will appear with instructions on how to interace with the object including the keys you have mapped to "use selected action".

when action menu is NOT showing press the key mapped to you "use selected action" command to confirm placement of the explosive. if carrying a grenade you can hold the "use selected action" key to charge up a throw.
(not "use default action")

repeat until your heart is content :)

Note: you must have a Toolkit in your inventory to manipulate the more complex explosives i.e. satchel charge, AT mine, Bouncing mine and APERS Mine.

Known issues:
orientation of attached explosives on vehicles is tempremental.
carrying items whilst inside a vehicle whilst possible can be a little buggy.
trip mines are the exception. you cannot manipulate them due to the trigger area not moving with the 3d model.

initial release.


ADDED: now works with switchable units and cleans up previous sript cycles on units not controlled by player.

ADDED: Funtionality to hold confirm key to charge up a throw for grenades

FIXED: occasional conflicts and crashes when the confim key was press very quickly.

Repaired v1.1 link

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