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#150845 Posted at 2013-08-31 17:21        
# NodUnit : Thank you for lending us your servers :) You know..I'm not sure if it works with Arma 2 itself, we use the FLIR features and probably some other things for arrowhead so I'd say it is for OA.

Unless you mean if there are any other addons in which case no, all in one package.

No, I did indeed mean if it would run on A2 standalone.
So it runs on Arma 2: OA, not even Arma 2 is required at all? I guess I am always confused when authors call their releases "Arma 2" releases.
Some authors mean Arma 2 standalone, other mean Arma 2: OA and others mean A2: CO while speaking of just Arma 2. ;-)

Anyway, pages moved to the OA section, thanks for the info!