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#150861 Posted at 2013-08-31 21:55        
How to operate switches? Mapped custom action 20 to Home key. I can only control backlighting. Starters, battery, APU and engine throttles do not react at all.
Edit: after while starters and throttles working. No luck with APU and battery switch. So I am unable to start up.

Added 45 minutes later:

Finaly got it started. Seems battery and APU switches are not animated and rotor brake starts works when engine throttles are advanced into FLY position only and then hit Q key (or analogue throttle that I have set in ARMA 2). Anyway its running now is take her for a ride. So far it looks perfect. Reminds me a lot of Janes Longbow 2 and EEAH/EECH sims. Thumbs up!

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