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#150870 Posted at 2013-09-01 02:02        
# iTraumatik : Thank you very much for this and all the hard work put into it !! I just saw this a couple days ago and was hoping to test this out and here it is. I hope you dont mind but i had to try it in arma 3 just to see how it looks. I am going to put into arma 2 and test it all out now. Love how the rocket pods move up and down, the detail on the cockpits are great with working gauges, and basically the whole thing is awesome !!!

Thanks again :)

One more thing.... Would love to know what all programs were used to make this mod, if you would be so kind.

Not at all, drop it into your Arma 3 addons folder and fly it to your hearts content, just know that not everything works 100%.


Photoshop for painting, 3ds max for modelling and unwrapping, wavepad for sound conversion, textview 2 for tga to paa conversion, Oxygen 2 Personal Edition (The standard arma editor), binpbo to binarize, and I'm not sure if Franze used any programs to help him with the coding other than Notepad.

And yes, elevating rocket pods are one of my favorite things, good thing it does too since the rocket trajectory tends to deviate the further it goes.