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#1520 Posted at 2006-12-29 05:20        
Heatseeker : Improved vehicle simulation - Tracked armor that really rolls and rotates realistically, proper environment interaction (speed/colision), full crews (loader) and detailed and realistic interiors.
Players should not be able to fire top mounted MG's from the interior of the tanks (unless the vehicle features it).

Yes, I do agree with those completely.
- Tracked armor that really rolls and rotates realistically
- Proper environment interaction (speed/colision)

And partially on this
- Realistic interiors, a bit nicer would be nice indeed, just talking textures right? I dont have to see handles, buttons etc etc......Looking at a more better/higher detailed interior is nice, but if its done like this for a specific reason (for example performance) I am just as fine with it.

Dont care about this one really
- full crews (loader)
In a MP game......who wants to be loader anyway? Adding another AI in a vehicle with all the necassary adjustments to the configs, textures etc etc is in my opinion a waste of time.
In VBS2 there should be a loader..........but in arma I think its good as it is.

Heatseeker : Improved damage model - a vehicle with flat tires can still move and doesnt drive around in circles unless its a tank with a busted track.. better damage system where a player doesnt take damage because someone shot 30 rounds to the vehicles front bumper. Stuff like that.

Agree on all points
- Improved damage model
I am already really happy with the fact we now have a rusty and burned vehicle (the only sucki thing is how its done.....I hope it will be patched to some better way of acting).
I dont know anything about configs and stuff, so I have no idea if they can actually fic that bumber shooting thing or if they can simulate different damage systems for different types of vehicles.
I would definatly like it, thats for sure :)

Heatseeker : Improved unit comand interface - They forgot that having multiple weapon mounts per vehicle means we need a way to order a.i. into those vehicle positions (gunner, gunner2, gunner3) aswell, some voices and usefull comands are missing.

Yep :)
I do already like the voices a lot (no ofp player), I do hear there is some stupid talking now and than, I just hope they can fix it up some more.

Heatseeker : Weapons and configs - It took me 3 120MM HE rounds (T72) to destroy one hmmwv. handgun sights are all wrong, recoil is exagerated and strange on the AR's, AK74 sights are too small (actually all the other ones are too big..). Flashbangs and better grenade throwing control. AT4's shouldnt be reloadable, reloading times should difer based on the weapon (belt fed MG's and RPG's should take longer).

I dont really feel I can comment on this already.
My system doesnt run arma to well so I am never really 100% sure if the game is doing badly or my system...........and just for the sake of my inner peace I decided to blame my system for anything :)

Heatseeker : Animation - In first person walking feels jerky (more than OPF), the way the weapon sways around should be smoother. I dont understand why i have to stop when i shoot in a mode other than single shot? (even when im dry?), should be able to walk and reload.

I personally do like the way the game handles, but again keep in mind I am more or less adjusting to what my system can handle.....I dont think the way I move around will be the same after upgrading.
Agree with the reloading part, you can be easily shot by that (I know I should go for cover to reload, but still.......)

One from my side.......what do you think of the bino's, I would have really like to be able to move while having bino's.
I dont mean moving like walking and such, but at least leaning, laying down, goingcrouched and standing up while in same position.

Heatseeker : Map loading!?!

Talking the mission map right? Yes going back to the game is a pain......but I guess its for a reason :wink

Heatseeker : No animated vehicle doors

Dont really care about this.

Heatseeker :no fastrope

Hopefully someone makes a useable script for us.......I would have liked it too......a lot

Heatseeker :no walking in moving vehicles

Would be nice, but I do not miss it........I guess this is a VBS2 feature again.

Heatseeker :parachuting from helicopters should be gone already


Heatseeker :manual fire doesnt make any sense in most cases.

Its fun if you are alone in a chopper, but doesnt make sense indeed.

Heatseeker : I think Arma could have been even better all around, small things like the vehicles chosen, the setting.. i dont know. Just dont be fooled by the slight negative nature of this post, Armed Assault is the best there is out there and there are many small enhancements that people wont notice at first but it doesnt struck me like OPF did back in 2001, i think it will grow on me though.

You cant fool me that easily :p
I agree, but as I have said earlier and will keep saying until BI proofs differently........they will give us more in the future by patching or by releasing addons for it. Wether its for free or not I dont care.
Look at other games and how they milk it..........but those games dont offer any other than playing it........getting bored of it and buying next one.
Arma offers a game good to be used for years. There is almost nothing the community can do :D
I hope :)