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#1521 Posted at 2006-12-29 23:40        
Some more?

Magazine models are missing, i hate seeing satchel charges when i drop a mag or handgrenade on the ground. animated slides on handguns were achieved in OPF addons.
Inventory window blocks my view, i know this was done to uncluter the action menu in OPF:E but i dont want to look at an inventory to pick up a magazine or drop something, this will get you killed. The M16 inventory pic is missing.

Moving inside vehicles... we must think in the long run >> addons! People will come up with aircraft carriers and large ships, LCAC's and you will want to walk around in one of those decks or parachute realistically from a C-130.

Looted hotel :O_o , the hotel building was completely looted, furniture, decor, everything! In the demo building interiors are scarce and the only openable door i found was for a wooden crapper.

Prone combat roll, the camera should rotate.
A.I. with handguns dont move (get stuck). I cant holster a handgun.

Hmmwv's that fall on water burn, (the a.i. found this for me since they ignored the bridge, yes they all died).

There are many small annoyances to be found and im only posting about the demo. Arma feels like BIS wanted to do more with it but didnt have the time, like the elevator movie we saw earlier, the traffic lights that could be working or the WIP stuff people found inside the game files that didnt make it (i.e. rabbits and wolfs).

From my experience with the demo and people reports i estimate a 60% personal satisfaction with the game but i will admit this:

I will play Arma more than anything else out there, its more interesting and promissing than everything else out there, im a very picky bastard :D .