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# (ST6)Predator : This Looks much bether than the old Vehicletextures !

Keep up the good Work !! I hope soon there will be a new Version of this great Mod !

Yes indeed, that is a very polite way to put it. I also think it is better than the first version, but still not exactly perfect (to avoid a stronger wording), and I hope there will soon be an improvement.

NATO has elaborate paint schemes for all their vehicles, and they are ordered to be used. All Fenneks, be it in German or Dutch service, are painted the same. The ones in Afghanistan may have a makeshift camo with additional color applied that might look like random, but that also follows rules. A google image search will show you how the Fenneks really look, and it would be nice to see that. Same goes for all other vehicles of course. Some vehicles are not used by the Bundeswehr, but I admit that it is good to have a complete faction from a gameplay perspective. So you should try to find a NATO paint scheme for them or at least put some effort into mimicking one properly. Otherwise you don't have to call this "Bundeswehr Retexture mod" but rather "Fantasy Retexture mod".

Additionally, there are some details that could still be worked on:
- Flag patches on uniforms are way too large.
- The pants are now dusty (a bit too much for my taste, but ok), but the boots are sparkling clean, that doesn't fit.
- Vehicles that are not considered fighting vehicles (i.e. unarmed) don't bear a iron cross in real life.
- Vehicles don't bear a flag additionally to the iron cross, especially not the aircraft. In Afghanistan the problem was that the local people thought the (iron) cross meant that they were christian crusaders, so in order to prevent this potentially problematic misunderstanding, they used a quite big german flag with "Germany" written in Dari (the language spoken there), but only on some vehicles, and in the next war theater this can come out completely different. So it would be best to just stick to the iron cross on armed vehicles and nothing on unarmed ones. Don't use the advertising photos by Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann as a reference for proper markings. For the paint schemes they are a good reference though.
- The Ghosthawk is a fantasy product anyway (only inspired by the very vage info from the Bin Laden raid), but if we assumed that the Bundeswehr will have bought it in 20 years (not very probable because they have the NH-90, but let's just assume it for a split second) then then would put very probably very similar markings on it as on all aircraft in Bundeswehr service. I'd suggest to refer to some NH-90 photos for example.

So just in case this wasn't understood properly: I don't criticise your skill or enthusiasm, but I think a good deal of research is necessary to achieve a good result.