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#152684 Posted at 2013-10-05 09:03        
Well, as the title says, my clan ([BHG] Blackhorse-Gaming) wants to run a server and whe have still an ArmA 2 A.C.E. Server running.
However no for the problem,
Whe yesterday tried out our server and were playing first without mods, logfile normal sized and perfect performance, no problen.
After this, whe tried out with mods, now i love playing with the Mods, because in my opinion, ArmA 3 has a massive content leak. Now whe were playing with mods, and after an hour the performance went down as hell. The Server only had CBA_A3 enabled and nothing else, so whe think because the server doesnt run the mods, he spams the log every second, with about 500 errors (just guessing too lazy to count :-D ).

Now for my question, is there any way to prevent this from happening?
Whe already discussed to create no log file, and the outcame was, this is utterly retarded.
Now i appreciate any help, because im not experienced with server managing, if you modders and admins out there would find a soloution, i think overall multiplayer performance would greatly increase.

Sorry if this doesnt fit in this section, never posted in Armaholic so far.

Posting the same question in multiple sections is just silly. No matter if this is your first post on Armaholic, it speaks for itself posting a question once is more than enough. Duplicate thread deleted.

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