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#154568 Posted at 2013-11-17 05:58        
Hey guys, I recently tried installing CBA to AO. I keep getting an error stating CBA Main requires CBA UI Helper and then the game starts but crashes just prior to getting to the main screen. When I looked in the files, I saw the IU Helper file so I assumed I downloaded an incomplete or old version so I tried it from a link on a similar thread on this site. After that failed I decided to start fresh. I uninstalled all local content ( it's run through steam) and I also cleared out any files for both Arma II and AO that were left on my computer. I also deleted all mod files I had installed (Mostly DayZ and DayZ Commander). After reinstalling from Steam I am still getting the same error message. Its a fairly new computer and I, stupidly, haven't created any backup points to go back to for the system. I'm completely at a loss. Anyone have any ideas or have a similar problem?

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