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Hey thedog thanks for the kind words and oh yes there many here who play ARMA Ive seen large competitions at conventions etc Don't forget we're one of the biggest game playing nations lol though for the younger crowd that is. TankbusterSPAFF (both of you sorry for the very late reply but I'm so busy I hardly get on here much less online) Yes Outlaws was very cool in MP as the AI was so bad lol. Remember the rules no double shotgun or going for the badges etc? Crazy times.

Take guys

Police woman by day Wife, Mother and serious gamer at night 8-) . Husband suggested my game name as Zipgun so no one would know I was a girl. Tho more importantly when I was a teen I used a more female name? Only got derogatory or sexist comments when playing games. I just got sick and disgusted of it.