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#155341 Posted at 2013-12-01 15:21        
# Buffalo : Hey friends,

A few months ago I made a C-17 Globemaster III in 3ds Max (After teaching myself to use the software). It has also come to my attention that I can export this to Oxygen 2 which I have installed but no idea how to use it. I really don't have time to dedicate myself with this yet so I was wondering If anyone would like to help me take this C-17 model and get some people to Texture it ,convert it to oxygen and config it for arma use. I would love to see the C-17 in arma because the C-130 is too small and the C-5 is too big for many airports. I also apologize if this is the wrong topic to post in It seemed the most valid to me.

Send me a few pics of your model in max, have to be careful in this community as they are very protective about certain aspects of modeling, i used to be a mod dev with the F2F Squad, and ran into many challenges with this community and getting support, i have 2 aircraft in game (F2F Mag Harriers) , they are still a wip and im not sure if i will ever finish them, but i do plan on making a comeback to arma2/OA internet permitting lol...(My in game name is Bosshogg) you can look up some of my mod wips here in the forums.