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[SIZE=5]Soldier Spawner[/SIZE]
Hello all I thought of this little thing.
Its a soldier spawner I have two types:
-OnMapClick that spawns a group
-Recruit Soldier system

Map Spawner

Recruit Soldier

Usage and Instructions

For Soldier Spawner
execVM "soldierspawner\sp_init.sqf";
execVM "soldierspawner\sp_loop.sqf";
Download Soldier Spawner

For Recruit Soldier System
Go into the editor and make a Laptop, Flag, Soldier with the init of
spawner = this addAction ["Recruit Soldier",{execVM "frec\recruit.sqf";}];
Download Soldier Recruit

Thanks all hope this is useful for some people, Sorry if there is something out there that I didn't know about!

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