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Hi everyone and marry christmas from the SMA dev team. Yes it has been a wait as it does take time to not just add these into game but to finalize the sounds, custom ammo, sites and weapon attachments, finish models, texture, animate and config.
We refuse to place weapons in game half finished and until we are happy with the quality of the the mod.

At the moment one of my modelers is away and our small team is working hard to get all this done as we are working on two mods at at the same time. If anyone is interested in joining us and helping with the project we need a modeler that is good with 3dsmax or textures and a second pair of hands for config. Please email us on or here on the private message area.

The good news is that our weapons and attachments are looking fantastic. we will have an update on everything we have done so far soon for you all

Thanks for the support

SMA dev team

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