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#157037 Posted at 2014-01-02 18:36        
Hi all, I've recently installed Arma 2 again and I enjoy playing ACE/ACRE Servers.
I've been playing with friends on my own private server and I've been looking for some specific Insurgency maps for ACE/ACRE such as Clafghan, Takistan, Zarghabad.

Earlier this year I was in the 82nd AB and JSOC Clan and we used what I believe to be custom made maps where we spawned in the Airport in South Takistan, a base in Northern Zarghabad, and down at the Airport in Clafghan and had to destroy caches and secure all the towns. I've tried to find maps like these but I've found ones with Timers, and a COMPLETELY different setup. If someone could possibly point me in a direction to get maps similar to these so my friends and I could play ACE/ACRE Insurgency I'd appreciate it. Theres not alot of ACE/ACRE Insurgency servers that are very good anymore.