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#157764 Posted at 2014-01-17 17:36        
Danske Uniformer v1.0

This mod adds a small faction "Denmark". The faction contains only a regular soldier in 4 different camuflage uniforms from the Danish Army. Each of the four uniforms comes in three versions (Reg., T-shirt and Rolled-up Sleeves) and with two different versions of the Fragvest.
The uniforms are (oldest to newest):

M/84 Spotcamo from 1984
M/90 Spotcamo from 1990
M/01 Desertspotcamo from 2001
M/11 MTP from 2011 (taken in use about a year ago)

It is the plan to slowly expand the mod to cover hats and rucksacks and hopefully also some specific equipment and specific soldiers.

So far so good. First mod out of the door ;-)

Credits go to Saul for making his Templates. Without them i could never have done anything near the quality it is now with stiches etc. - PRIMA WORK SAUL!!! (

Thanks to all the lads at for helping me test out the uniforms.

Feel free to host it on your own server. If you want to use things from my mod feel free to do so, but leave the classnames intact and put me in the credits.

It's stored here on MediaFire:

Best Regards

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