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#159548 Posted at 2014-02-15 12:29        
Thanks Kaz,

I admit I never thought of using Flaps late,

Anyway I had it made already and I wanted to set it up for the C130 too, glad there's other people who might profit from it.

You need to make 2 textfiles in your mission folder, 1st called jato.sqf, the 2nd jatoaction.sqf

and here

to use it you could simply put nul = [this] execVM "jato.sqf" in the planes init line.

I prefer a trigger so you can reload the JATO system and it will also work with respawned vehicles.

Make a trigger, set it to <Activation Bluefor, Present, Repeatedly> and put this in its <Condition> line and Adjust the type of C130 you are using:
{typeof _x == "C130J"} count thislist >0  

and in its <On Act> field put this:
_xhandle = [(thislist select 0)] execVM "jato.sqf"; hint "JATO ready";

Have fun

Edit: updated Code slightly, should work in MP and SP.

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