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#159657 Posted at 2014-02-18 12:09        
I have a small, but rather irritiating problem. Often, when I'm playing in coop with my friend while using MCC I tend to have two bugs.

Bug nr.1: When I'm trying to spawn VAS box using 3d editor I often get the normal weapon box. It's true that I have a lot of mods, including weapons but 9 times out of 10 I can only choose default weapons. Is it beacuse I have so many mods?

Bug nr.2: There were instances (usually on map Syrta Slayers) that my buddy had different weather than me. I.E I had a clear sky, and head a night sky. We observed that the person who hosted the game had "normal" sky and weather, while the guest had some other, different type of weather. Also, when this happened the person with different weather couldn't used VAS boxes in game.

Bug nr.3 and the most irritable of all: Sometimes when I created missions, the "Mission building message" never dissapeared. Even when I've created a very small, simple mission wityh a simple obejctive on a small area, the damn thing just wouldn't go away. Any ideas why it is so?

I know that it's quite a handfull but those bugs are really making ourt gameplay experience rather hard. Any help would be appreciated.

One more thing. While playing an MCC custom mission, everytime when I'v died on Altis or Stratis, I had a chance to respawn at base. Problem was that when I've clicked thsi option I've respawned... in the middle of an ocean near the island. Anyone else encountered a similar bug?