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#159918 Posted at 2014-02-22 23:00        
# DarkXess : Getting this error every time I load up the error and go to select a unit.

Also, there are no preset units with weapon loadouts etc, not sure if your intending to do that but just
letting you know as it wasnt mentioned in your release. And there are no supply boxes with your equipment
for selecting.

Apart from that, great units - thank you :-)

Thanks mate, the icon will be fixed when more is ready for release.

At the moment the factions are still confusing me so I have not completed them, I focused my efforts simply on the textures for this release.
Once i get permissions, and some weapons are completed I will try setting up complete factions with load-outs etc.
ATM Once released I will by asking for permission from the SMA guys (after seeing that screenshot blazenchamber)and the Mk18 by ardvarkdb as I have already complete textures for my own personal use, see below.

Added 3 hours 43 minutes later:

Some new prettier screenshots of the units

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