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UPDATE: 3.1.2

Interaction Key: The Interaction key replaces a lot of player-based addActions and also introduces Interaction menu for vehicles & players. This is a huge performance gain over the old addAction based methods. The key by default is binded to Left Control, to change this to a different button Goto Configure->Controls->Custom and bind Use Action 10 to change it. Currently it only supports single keys such as H or 1.
Localization: The system was localized by only 5-12% and did not finish it. Will finish it in 3.1.3 just felt this updated was needed more to be pushed.

If you were a host having issues with new players joining & getting stuck with a black screen then run the following SQL queries, these only need to be ran once AFTER applying the new patch:
UPDATE `players` SET `cop_licenses` = '"[]"' WHERE `cop_licenses` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `civ_licenses` = '"[]"' WHERE `civ_licenses` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `civ_gear` = '"[]"' WHERE `civ_gear` IS NULL
UPDATE `players` SET `cop_gear` = '"[]"' WHERE `cop_gear` IS NULL

Change Log:
Added: Ability to cancel various actions by moving (S,W,A,D).
Added: Progress bar to the lockpicking action.
Added: Interaction Key replacing addActions (Huge performance gain, read notes about it).
Added: Lockpicks can now be used to uncuff other players.
Added: Cops can now search civilians for licenses only thus getting rid of illegal searches for drugs.
Added: Siren lights are now activated by Left shift + L (Also a surprise for it..).
Changed: Cop NPC vendors changed to range master NPC.
Changed: Quadbike no longer requires a driver license to operate/buy.
Changed: This was included in 3.1.1 but not announced, players in jail no longer show on wanted list.
Changed: fn_handleDamage was changed for proper condition checking and prioritization (Should no longer die from tazers).
Changed: Optimized cop markers.
Changed: Optimized view distance checking system.
Changed: Optimized misc functions.
Changed: Cleanup of multiple-server side cleanup functions.
Changed: Vehicle cleanup was bumped to 60-minute cycles.
Changed: Removed server-side dead vehicle & body cleanup. Now uses A3 internal cleanup system.
Fixed: At the chop shop you were able to sell cars near by with people in them.
Fixed: Donator shop didn't work due to previous patch changes.
Fixed: People could lock/unlock a vehicle when inside it without having the keys.
Fixed: Players could buy regular vehicles without owning the proper license.
Fixed: Some hosts couldn't handle NULL exceptions thus breaking the initialization for the login (read notes).
Fixed: Missing marker for rebel vehicle spawning.
Fixed: When trying to sell medkits (when full) you got an error saying you were full :\
Fixed: Erorr: No Unit should no longer be saved in the database as the players name.
Fixed: SQL Saving would become broken with charaters such as '/\`:|;," in the players name.
Fixed: As a cop when picking up illegal items it said $any (even though you did receive the money).
Fixed: Vehicle cleanup didn't put the permanent vehicle back into the garage.

Altis Life RPG v3.1.2

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