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#161058 Posted at 2014-03-15 12:04        
# supergrunt : Craig, to answer your question about the spawning problem, yes and no

i haven't seen the balaclava's anymore (ATM) but last i noticed several civilians walking around with all your head gear like berets and boonie hats , as those are freely availible around the globe and lots of people wear that kind of stuff (especialy in hot weather country's like greece and lemnos) it has not realy been a anoying issue ,althoug it has cost one civilian his life as i mistakenly thought it was a officer (wearing a beret) and shot him :P (just to defend my self, he was in a house on the second floor and i only could see his head and so i put a .50BMG through it :P)
ok thanks, i don't think i will be able to stop the hats from spawning mate it is a inbuilt arma 3 script or wotever it is called, as for the balaclava and gas mask i was able to stop those from spawning basically because i put them as glasses class you see, if i do ever find a way to stop my hats from spawning i will do it, sorry to hear about that civ killed in the line of fire lol, better to be safe than sorry lolol *THUMBS UP*